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"The state always has the sole purpose to limit, tame, subordinate, the individual - to make him subject to to some generality or other;

it's last only so long as the individual is not all in all, and it's only clearly-marked restriction of me, my limitation, my slavery." - Max Stirner

Snack Ohm Tapes

Snack Ohm Tapes is a D.I.Y Punk Underground Label from Norway; has existed since 1983, and is still doing.


Snack Ohm Tapes has released 17 KZ, or CD or vinyls over the years from underground punk band, mostly bands from Norway. In recent years I've released vinyls only, and there have been more releases of Crust Punk or Grindcore. But in the future I will be releasing vinyls with punk bands from the past. And I continue to release punk bands of today.


Snack Ohm Tapes (prononouced: snakk om teips) is just me; Bjarte Olsen running this label and have done so over the years.


Snack Ohm Tapes are registered in the register of company of commerce (enhetsregisteret) here in Norway, under a different adress and info.. Never mind that bullshit, it's still me. Also, I dislike giving the goverment or the national state; all my personal info, all the way. I'm still thinking for myself, these times of Orwell's 1984, are not very far away.


The reason for putting myself and Snack Ohm Tapes registered, gave me 30% off taxation when ordering cassettes back then. Now I think, stupid youngster. And I don't care.


Best regards Bjarte Olsen

Snack Ohm Tapes






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Another happy stories about Snack Ohm Tapes

*A little story of the source of Snack Ohm Tapes, and the first couple of years by Bjarte Olsen, 2008; 2014. A little story of the source of Snack Ohm Tapes; the norwegian fanzine; Sjokk from 1982-83, and the first years.


*The prime motor of Snack Ohm Tapes by Bjarte Olsen, 2014. A story telling about inspiration and thinking before each release, and how the releases were done, and after.


*Throw a brick. - A political interview with Bjarte Olsen done in 1994 after the release "Arbeid frigjør eder!- MC", The interview was done by Ole Gunnar Zahl Jensenius.

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