Ja vi elsker... - Classic Norwegian Comp. KZ (1984)

Just Another D.I.Y. Punk Label

"The state always has the sole purpose to limit, tame, subordinate, the individual - to make him subject to to some generality or other;

it's last only so long as the individual is not all in all, and it's only clearly-marked restriction of me, my limitation, my slavery." - Max Stirner

Free downloads on the releases earlier on KZ from 1984 - 1999, later on CD-R in 2001, and 1 Classic HC LP from 1987.


Either click on each bands to download the song; in mp3 (320), or click on the download tab, and "save as..." to download a zip-file; including both all the songs from the bands only in flac-format, and all covers on both KZ and CD-R.

Ja vi elsker..? (Yes, we do love..?)


S.O.T.-001 - Norwegian Classic Compilation Cassette (1984), and CD-R (2001).


The release contains both '77s Punk/'80s Punk/Experimental Rock/HC bands and 27 very varied quality sounding songs. Some of the recordings in a rehearsal room, and some done live. So, the quality on the release is not great, but there are some songs, that could be. Siste Dagers Helvete with suberb sound are used her, prior to their first LP "The Hell" released, the same year.

The cassette contains 9 bands and 27 songs from all over the country. Both Siste Dagers Helvete and Bannlyst are classic HC from the early eighties. The live recordings of Wannskrækk from Bergen in early 1984; does not sound particularly good, but some of the songs have never been released.

Befalsskolen plays fresh, slow punk rock with special lyrics. I like Befalsskolen!

Both Fjerned Haarwæxsth and Gonoreagan come from a small town, called Voss, an the latter made a classic called Pul state (Fuck the state) that is included here.



A review in the magazine, Gateavisa #106 (1/85) said the following:”I only got a copy of it, they didn’t bother to send me the cover, so I don’ know which band that plays what and where Norwegian HC and some development from the tradition of punk. Say yes, if it grabs you. The level on this is acctually higher, than I first was ready to admit. Fjerned Haarwæxsth, Bannlyst Trash City Rockers, something that sounds lik Wannskrækk, Gonoreagan, Asta Kask (?) an lots of unknown stuff. The thing that surprise me is that every one of the new punkband have raw and good engagement, although it’s not always sounding interesting, they keep it going in most of the songs.” (Try)

The end is very near!