Tsjernobilly boogie - Classic Norwegian Comp. LP (1987)

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Free downloads on the releases earlier on KZ from 1984 - 1999, later on CD-R in 2001, and 1 Classic HC LP from 1987.


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Tsjernobilly boogie (Chernobilly boogie)


S.O.T-.002/H.P.006 - Classic Norwegian Compilation LP (1987), (S.O.T.-002B) Cassette (1994) and CD-R (2001).


The release was to be a co-operation between the labels; Snack Ohm Tapes (from Bergen) , Humbug Productions (from Voss), and the HC bands involved. The idea was inspirered from similar projects we heard of existed during 1985. For back then, to release an LP alone, was economic impossible. So that the reason.

And second we wanted bands all over the country to be involved. And so it was.


The title "Tsjernobilly Boogie", and the album cover refers to the horrible nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986. The release is a reaction to this incident.; a combination of shock and black humor seems to be the proscribed remedy.

Several of the featured bands, i.e. Kafka Prosess, Barn av Regnbuen and Angor Wat, have attained international attention in the aftermath.


The release contains 9 HC bands and 20 great songs. The bands were mainly located in two different cities; Trondheim (and suburbs) and Oslo. Kafka Prosess, Barn Av Regnbuen and Brent Jord from, the rest from Trondheim; Angor Wat, TMB, Josva, Dead Swingers and Det Glade Vanvidd. One band from Bergen is also included; Overlagt Drap.

In january 1986 my friend; Håvard in the punk label Humbug Productions started the forthcoming release of Tsjernobilly boogie LP, by sending out an invitation letters, all over the country to the many interesting punk bands that we knew about. The letter is saying something like:"It's a shame that is never been released a HC punk compilation in Norway yet. Bands that never been heard by others than their friends. But don't despair. We want to change that." So it happened.


I got a copy of the record in the mail in march 1987, and later on I got my 222 copies of the record. The total amount made were 1000 copies, divided between the bands and the labels. The record; Tsjernobilly Boggie never got a lot of interest in the media in 1987, and the record were sold out within 5 years.


Later one, in 1994 I released Tsjernobilly Boogie as a cassette in 35 copies. It all happened just as I did a another tapes project . And at the same time i started to mail my friend; Håvard (because he was playing in the punk band; Dead Gerhardsens), and he made some lay-out on Tsjernobilly Boogie for cassette.


And at the same time I saw the insane high prices on the vinyl release of Tsjernobilly Boogie on the internet. And people start asking me questions ; Can't you sell me a copy? Why don't you release it again? That's why I did a small copy on cassette. But maybe Tsjernobilly Boogie LP will be released again.

The Cassette of Tsjernobilly Boogie released in 1994 in 35 copies.

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