Just Another D.I.Y. Punk Label

"The state always has the sole purpose to limit, tame, subordinate, the individual - to make him subject to to some generality or other;

it's last only so long as the individual is not all in all, and it's only clearly-marked restriction of me, my limitation, my slavery." - Max Stirner

Releases available on CD or vinyl from 1992 - 2018.

All of Snack Ohm Tapes releases; either on vinyl or CD can be found on this page and bought by sending me an e-mail. And also included some mp3 that can be downloaded on releases in these pages. But earlier releases on KZ; later on CD-R can be downloaded freely for music and punk rock lovers with no limitation world wide.

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Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Krig mot Norge 7 Inch EP: An EP with heavy Hardcore/Punk/Grind/Grindcore tracks.


Ja vi elsker..? from 1984, a classic compilation cassette containing Norwegian punk/HC. Read more about this release under the section "Downloads". This cassette will be released in a limited edition on cassette.

Available for 5 Euro/50 NOK+P.P.

Parlamentarisk Sodomi/Gynekologene, a split-EP with 42 short Grindcore songs from PS and 2 Punk/HC songs from Gynekologene. Both bands from Stavanger. (2017).

Available for 5 Euro/50 NOK+P.P.

Mørkt Kapittel :“Usnuelig Ferd" LP - Crust Punk from Trondheim city, including lyrics and 8 songs in 30 minutes of intense, melodic, and atmospheric crust punk (2017).

Available for 14 Euro/130 NOK+P.P.

Krim U : 1981-83 - Northern Norwegian Post Punk, 2 x 12" coloured vinyl including 19 songs. (2015).

Available for 21 Euro/200 NOK+P.P.

Blisterhead : Tumbling Down LP - Swedish punkrock vinyl including 13 songs and a download card (2015).

Available for 10 Euro/100 NOK+P.P.

PKP - Pkp 12" - Anarchopunk w/ political correctness(?) - 11 great songs in red vinyl. (2007).

Available for 11 Euro/110 NOK+P.P.

Fanden ta deg! (Fuck you!) - Norwegian Compilation Punk/HC CD (2004). This CD contains 13 Punk/HC bands with all together 34 great songs.

Available for 10 Euro/100 NOK+P.P.


Null Problem (No Problem) - Northern Norwegian '80s Punk/New Wave/ Experimental Rock CD (2000). This CD contains 16 Punk band with 34 great songs.

Available for 10 Euro/100 NOK+P.P.

Til minde om de mænd... (In memory of those men...) - Norwegian '90s Punk on 10" orange VINYL from the band, Paranoia Panorama (1998). The record contains 10 songs and is a kind of “best of”-recorded between 1990 and 1996.

Available for 9 Euro/85 NOK+P.P.

Rattus Norvegicus - Norwegian Compilation Punk LP (1995). The Record contains 12 Punk/HC bands, and 22 great songs.


Available for 11 Euro/110 NOK+P.P.

I begynnelsen var staten...(In the beginning the state was...) - Norwegian '90s Punk/HC 7" VINYL EP from the band, Paranoia Panorama (1992). The EP contains 7 Punk songs.

Available for 5 Euro/50 NOK+P.P.

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