Sider Du Ikke

Just Another D.I.Y. Punk Label

"The state always has the sole purpose to limit, tame, subordinate, the individual - to make him subject to to some generality or other;

it's last only so long as the individual is not all in all, and it's only clearly-marked restriction of me, my limitation, my slavery." - Max Stirner

Sider Du Ikke Ser I Dagslys

The Fanzine; Sider Du Ikke Ser I Dasglys was stationed in Oslo, and started by Trygve Mathiesen (very involved in local punk music in the 80's). He also played in several bands and had a tape label; Likvider released lots of tapes. But more people were involved in this zine.

Sider Du Ikke Ser I Dagslys 1-1980: 20 pages offset print. Contains info how to release a record, Interview and reports; De Sjenerte, 7 Inch releases, industrial rock, and more.

Many thanks to Kjell Arne Sandvik for a scanned copy.


Sider Du Ikke Ser I Dagslys 2-1983: 26 pages offset print. Contains gig reviews, Interview; Mørklagt Bevegelser, cassette reviews, records, fanzines, comix, poems and more.


The end is very near!