Til Folkets Beste

Just Another D.I.Y. Punk Label

"The state always has the sole purpose to limit, tame, subordinate, the individual - to make him subject to to some generality or other;

it's last only so long as the individual is not all in all, and it's only clearly-marked restriction of me, my limitation, my slavery." - Max Stirner

Til Folkets Beste:

The fanzine; Til Folkets Beste from Voss town (placed east some mile ahead of Bergen), and released 3 different editions (I believe) from 1981 to 1984. I believe the fanzine was first done by Eirik Helleve, but later got regular help from 2 more persons; Håvard Graudo in the known underground punk label Humbug Productions. 5 more persons send their report from their local area in Bodø and Trondheim.

The fanzine had total and expressed humour and ironic view on everything; the local punk bands, scene reports, gigs, records and so on. Even the name of the fanzine expresses their sense of great humour.

Til Folkets Beste 7-1983: 21 pages A5 photcopy. ( I believe this is their first edition), Contains info about Dead Kennedys, gig report about local bands like; Tractor Boy Tractor, Gonoreagan, Fjerned Haarwæxsth, comix, records reviews, and more.


Til Folkets Beste 77-1984: 20 pages A4 photocopy. Contains interviews with Norwegian TAV and Liliedugg, gig reports, records reviews, info about Uncle Remus Records and the band Im Nebel, and lots of laughs.

Til Folkets Beste "Tognummer" 1984: 20 pages ¤ offset print. Contains interviews with both Can Can, UK Subs and Fjerned Haarwæxsth, info about Grand Mal, punk reports from Trondheim and Bodø cities, comix, and more.


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