Snack Ohm Tapes is an D.I.Y. Underground label; located in Norway, releasing Norwegian punk music. Snack Ohm Tapes has done several releases since 1984, and has released compilation cassettes, - records and CD, mainly Norwegian punk. Several bands has had their debut on S.O.T., and later grown to a certain "stardom".

Maybe you have heard the Norwegian punkbands like; Wannskrækk, Bannlyst, Befalsskolen, Akutt Innleggelse, Kafka Prosess, Barn Av Regnbuen, Overlagt Drap,  Angor Wat, Dead Swingers, Det Glade Vanvidd, Røde Knær, Utendørs Klaustrophobi, Junk Food Society, Paranoia Panorama, Svartidaudir, Angst, Xantippe, Kort Prosess, Pøbelvelde, Graut,  Judas Vitner, Bifile Bønder, Ariske Maur, Twigs, Rechtum Immortalis, Dead Gerhardsens, Statens Menn,  Alltid Jaget, Black Block, Dozarne, De Brisne, Bankers,  Freak Oi!Accident, Tarmer, Kongens Kennel, Korrupte Oppkastere, Brutal Kuk, Beinkjør, Ordrenekt, and Krim U.

Most of the music can be found in this site as free downloads, or as 7 ", 10" or LP vinyl og CD. Prices are included.

And I'm still releasing; Mørkt Kapittel-LP out. A little bit of Crust- and Noisegrind/Grindcore; Parlamentarisk Sodomi.


17.02.2021:Finally I managed to update some aesthetic parts.

13.02.2021: A terrible and insane year has passed, and I am still going strong.


20.08.2018:Parlamentarisk Sodomi is out now.

15.08.2018:Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Krig mot Norge 7 Inch EP is ready for sale next week.

26.07.2018:Updated next release. Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Krig mot Norge 7 Inch EP.

21.07.2018: S.O.T.s next release with Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Krig not Norge EP, out soon.

19.09.2017: " Ja vi elsker..?" from 1984, a classic compilation cassette containing Norwegian punk/HC is finally back in stock. Only 42 copies made. Available for 5 Euro/50 NOK

14.08.2017: The split-EP by  Parlamentarisk Sodomi/Gynekologene is now for sale for 5 Euro/50 NOK.

04.08.2017:I'm going to release again the classic punk compilation cassette from 1984; "Ja vi elsker..?" in a limited edition on cassette. It will be for sale during the next month.

Snack Ohm Tapes support Linux distros and Open Source.


Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Krig mot Norge/War against Norway 7" EP.

         Hardcore Punk and           Grindcore/Noisecore songs

The 7" EP can be found in the record shops and distros.

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Records, CDs and tapes from Snack Ohm Tapes is to be found in these record shops and distros in Norway: Tiger (Oslo), Samleren (Bergen), Punkebjartes Punkeplater (Bergen), Shabby Records (Haugesund),