The prime motor of Snack Ohm Tapes.

by Bjarte Olsen, 2014

Snack Ohm Tapes is a D.I.Y. punk underground label that has been around since 1983 and is still here. It is just me, Bjarte Olsen, running the label and has done so over the years.

I have collected the bands, made the cassette-covers, come up with the titles and printed the releases, mostly singlehandedly. I have also sold the finished products and met new, fresh and punkminded people along the less-than-golden path.

I am still meeting new, funny and idealistic people of all ages and sexes all the time. Common ground being the interest in the world-wide punk culture and the Do-It-Yourself ethics rather than MoneyMaking. I uphold Snack-Ohm-Tapes just because I WANT TO....And I am committed.

I am political-minded, VERY political-minded...just ask my friends or take look at the titles of each release. They`re all picked and printed by me. I have been interwieved a couple of times. Once I was told that my titles was "odd", "strange" and "personal". I had at the time never thought much about it, but in hindsight I can agree. Each release at the time reflected a personal problem was absorbed in, a read I was enthused by or temporary news and subjects I was given to feel something about.

My drawing on the front cover of the Pia desidèria Cassette. I did the drawing in 28.08.88.

My drawings on the cassette covers are a bit artistic and original, but not great. All the time I was trying for new angles in shapes, figures and lines.

The oil painting done by my friends; Jan, and the graphic cover art done Håvard-

I also was the singer and the rythm guitar player in Paranoia Panorama during my 9 years stay in Haugesund (a  three hours drive south from Bergen) from 1988-1997, and worked great with very good friends in Haugesund city; Johnny Økland (drums), Oddbjørn Thorsen (bass), and Harald Lundegaard (lead and rythm guitar). We had several local gigs, some are memorable, and make me laugh.

Also meeting other people and bands in Haugesund. I remember the punk band; Brukt Dasspapir, and watch them live, and hoping that they would do an EP in the future. But never happend, sadly. But their songs are still great and give me lots of laugh, listinging to their demos. And remember those days.

Later I asked friends for help with the drawings. My dear friend, Jan Sigurd Timbrevig has done to paintings, I used as covers on the Rattus Norvegicus LP, and the 7 Inch of Paranoia Panorama, both reflecting my thinking at the time. Both paintings are great; one done as a oil painting (the LP) maybe in 1994 in my home in Haugesund, me pushing hime to paint during his short stay (sorry that), and one as a waterpainting (the 7»). And this great oil painting is framed, and exists in my bedroom. Really large painting, too.

And an another punk friend; Håvard Graudo did make many of art work for me on his computer. Like the covers on on the CDs and the 10» of Paranoia Panorama and Rattus Norvegicus LP. He did an another tape label in the 80s'; Humbug Productions, and he did all the work an the Tsjernobilly Boggie Lp i 1986-87. (sorry that, too)

And I'm greatful for the people I have met during these years, and I'm happy to experience the moment of living; my meaning of living. Right now; doing Snack Ohm Tapes. And many thanks to Bjørn, Jan Sigurd Timebrevig, Håvard Graudo and Bjarte Malum for the help or their contributing part in Snack Ohm Tapes, and also  B Rock for leting me a reissue Null Problem, and bands  for their  contributing part  on the releases, and Torstein Helleve, Tore Stemland and  Per Solvang  for leting me  use  their story on this site. And  Lars Nicolaysen and Inge Solsvik for their technical  mixing skills  during the future release with Krim U. And all my friends in punk and everyday life.

I'm still doing Snack Ohm Tapes for years, I feel.

Paranoia Panorama live 1990. The expressed anger and energy is funny to remember. We were so serious and young.

Another drawing I did back in 1994. Now done in grayscale in 2014. Very popular norwegian politicians marching out of the Auschwitz concentration camp under the great parole "Work for everyone" or "Work will make you free". Polticians are still full of lies, and false hope. Like every politicians craving for more power, or nazi. Same shit, different wrapping.