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Arbeid frigjør eder! (Arbeit macht frei! or Work will make you free!)

S.O.T.-007 - Norwegian Compilation Cassette (1994),and  CD-R (2001).

A very political title and a cover that shows Norwegian politicians marching out of a concentration camp. The cover says; ”Only through the everlasting hard work of life is the state your watcher, you will be freed from the death by its majestic hand!”

This was the most political and interesting release for a long time in the Norwegian underground scene. It was easier to get hold of bands, and it seemed like the punk movement was growing.

The compilation consists of 11 HC/punkbands from all over the country, and 25 good and varied songs. Amongst them: a band from Oslo, Svartidauðir, with some good songs from their latest demo-cassette, Kort Prosess with innovative HC (they later released several EPs’ on HeartFirst Records), and two bands from Trondheim, Skadeskutt and Pøbelvelde, who did a split-7” with the band Mi.

Also worth a mention are Schizofren Lakris Paranoia (Kristiansund), Bifile Bønder (Yven), a good quality live recording from Judas Vitner from 1993 in Haugesund, and the only straight edge-band; Washington Disease.         


The following review appeared in Puls (#3/94):”From Snack Ohm Tapes in Haugesund we have received a copy of the forthcoming compilation cassette "Arbeid frigjør eder". On the cassette is  Svartidauðir, Kort Prosess, Skadeskutt, Graut, Schnell Orchester, Schizofren Lakris Paranoia, Pøbelvelde,  Judas Vitner, Bifile Bønder, Washington Disease og Strengt Tatt. ..... We can already now say that  Arbeid frigjør eder! is of a much higher standard than earlier releases on Snack Ohm Tapes.....”   (K I  Trollsås)

The front cover of Arbeid Frigjør Eder!-CD-R-