Free downloads on the releases earlier on KZ from 1984 - 1999, later on CD-R in 2001, and 1 Classic HC LP from 1987.

Either click on each bands to download the song; in mp3 (320), or  click on the download tab, and "save as..." to download a zip-file;  including both all the songs from the  bands only in flac-format, and all covers on both KZ and CD-R.

Der volder ennu noget rabalder... (It’s going to be some more noise... )

S.O.T.-009b - Norwegian Compilation Cassette (1999), and CD-R (2001).

This compilation cassette contains 11 HC/punk/oi-bands and 24 great songs. The songs are  made in a catchy punk or HC way. The release is filled with musical pearls where it’s difficult to  say that one song is better than another. 1999 was obviously a good year for punk/HC.

Some of the bands deserve special attention.  Rechtum Immortalis and Statens Menn both play metallic, tempo-varied HC with heavy riffs. Dozärne og De Brisne play catchy punk with “disturbed” lyrics. Freak Oi! Accident plays classic oi, while Black Block delivers punk with funny and political lyrics like; ”Øystein and Carl in the FrP-stand (a rightwing political party), they are so cool, let them have a bullet...” (it rhyms in Norwegian) Alltid Jaget is Kort Prosess-like, but is more consist and full.