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Du skal dø... (You shall die... )

S.O.T.-004 - Norwegian Compilation Cassette (1991), and CD-R (2001).

This compilation cassette is fully titled: “You shall die (for god, king and country...and all the rascists!), and expresses the intent of dieing for the wrong reasons (Are there any good  ones?).

The release features many different bands, predomenantly playing raw rock and punk. Utendørs Klaustrophobi has some good HC-songs, and Den Gemene Hop plays a sort of rock  (they have released an EP). Apart from the songs of Røde Knær, Paranoia @ Panorama and Junk Food Society (they also have released a 12” green vinyl), the quality have to be labeled  substandard.

A review in Rock Furore (#13/91) said: ”It’s a surprising comeback from the Snack Ohm-label, who released their last punk compilation cassette back in 1984. Now they have moved from Bergen to Haugesund, which also is the stumbling ground for two of the featured bands (Paranoia @ Panorama og Nuclear Erection). Other bands included are Den Gemene Hop, Utendørs Klaustrophobi (Levanger), Røde Knær (Hauge I Dalane) and Junk Food Society (Oslo-band with a song from their first mini-LP). Few of these bands show much innovation within the punk genre; Political correctness, predictable lyrics, well-known HC-riffs, and borrowed clichés from heavy metal are very present. In spite of this, there are enough vigorous songs, catching engagement and energy to defend the cassette’s existence. Snack Ohm has simultaneously released a cassette that contains 9 international punk-bands.” (Jan Rune Bruun)

I must say that some of these bands are still interesting to listen to even today. Personal favourits are bands like; Røde Knær, Den Gemene Hop, Junk Food Society, Utendørs Klaustrophobi, and Nuclear Erection. All the songs on Røde Knær's demo was  used here. 

And it was refreshing to know that punk music were still made in Norway in 1991. The music scene elsewhere in Norway   seemed  dead and forgotten.

But the sound quality were not that poor on this release, as compared to Snack Ohm Tapes first release in 1984. (PunkOlsen;  2014)