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Makten rår! (The power rules!)

S.O.T.-006 - Norwegian Compilation Cassette (1993), and CD-R (2001).

A very political title and a cover that shows the public massed united looking for the oppositions around the streets. The cover says; ”The power is united, and etnic cleansing follows. The opponents opposes, and the causes is all that matter, and now the power rules all over!” The front cover  was  drawn  by Jahn Timbrevig, and the second he did for Snack Ohm Tapes. Sadly you can't see his detailed drawning.

This compilation was released in 1993, and it is far between the great bands. Straight edge-punk had it’s uprising in Norway and challenged the rest of the punk movement, before it diminished  around 1995.

The compilation consists of only 7 bands playing 22 songs. The band Xantippe released a superb demo, which is included here. So too is Svartidaðir, with their ironic lyrics about punk and drunkenness. At the time they had already released a demo with an amateurish sound that  fitted them. Angst, which also is included, was an HC-band, and released an EP on the German label; HeartFirst Records.

A review in Rock Furore (#20/93) said the following: ”Snack Ohm has released another compilation with primitive rehearsal-like punk-bands. Angst and Paranoia @ Panorama are the best known - they have previously released an EP each. Other bands also contribute; Nasse Nøff, Svartidauðir and Femur Fractur (what a name!), with HC and messy punk that could been released in ’84, when Snack Ohm first started. A highpoint is the Bergen-based girl band Xantippe (now breaking up?) with their charactariztic and up to date music.”

(J R Bruun)