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Pia desidèria (Fromme ønsker or Humble wishes) 

S.O.T.-003 - International Compilation Cassette (1989), and CD-R (2001).

During the late eighties Snack Ohm Tapes began to look abroad. Nothing interesting happened her, so I had to look elsewhere. I got  so adresses to interesting bands  from Mexico, Peru, Japan, Spain, France, Ireland and so on, from  another  underground label, and started to collecting.

We collected bands from all over the world, some featuring on this cassette. Ataque Frontal (Peru) (they have released an EP), H.H.H. (Spain) (later they have released some vinyl), Paranoid Visions (Ireland), Verdun, Scrapes, (France) (they have released an EP, used on this cassette), Sic (Japan), Solucion Mortal (Mexico) and two more from Britain. Cowboy Killers (later released two LPs) and Solucion Mortal are interesting bands, although this is a varied compilation in terms of quality.

The release contains of only 9 world wide '80s Punk/HC bands, and good and varied 19 Punk songs. Some of the bands did record i the rehearsal rooms, and so bands in studios. And here you find some good tunes.

Later I understand that several of these punk bands did record some records. I remember Cowboy Killers particular well, and I got two records from the band in my record collection.

My philosofic  for calling the  release  are a kind self expression. I can't recall  why the release got the  name. "Humble Wishes  are not attached to religion, and they are not about  philosfies on peace. The peace we will never achieve. The thoughts are of hope. The hope to be alone, even tough we hav always been lonely. To be real lonely, and sit around the fire. Lonely, forsakenand dreaming of peace we could have had!"-the cover says.

And I didn't know the word solitude back then. The  word lonely, and it' s similar word; solitude.  The positive expression  of been just one.

And followed  by that image, made by me; late 1988. A littles bit inspirered by the band CRASS, back then.

This was an international release with both norwegian and english versions of the front cover and back cover. Bjørn (the former friend in S.O.T.) made back cover of a photo he had taken. The photo showing a girl (also a friend of mine), in sea nature environment. And of course NOT feeling lonely and forsaken at all. She didn't like not to be asked and use for this purpose.

The release was done in 100 copies in KZ in 1989, and some in CD-R in 2001.