Free downloads on the releases earlier on KZ from 1984 - 1999, later on CD-R in 2001, and 1 Classic HC LP from 1987.

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Paranoia Panorama - Til Eget Beste! /For Your Own Good!

D.P.P.-1/S.O.T.-009a – Norwegian '80s punk band, Paranoia Panorama.

C-20 Cassette made in 20 copies.

Paranioia Panorama recorded their last demo with 3 new songs and 2 old songs in Slakten Studio in Haugesund city in 1996. All Songs to be found on the 10"-"Til Minde om de Mænd...", except this version of the song; Dødssangen.

This KZ-release is a co-operation between the bands own label; De Paranoides Plateselskap and Snack Ohm Tapes.

Download each song separtely in mp3 (bitrate 320), or as one zipfile in flac-format, including the covers in uncompressed jpg-format.