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Fanden ta deg! (Fuck you!)

S.O.T.-03 - Norwegian Compilation Punk/HC CD (2004).

"Fuck you, the politicians that helps the humans to anxiety away from living. Earlier on we only had anxiety from the  world wars, commies and so on... And now anxiety from terrorism. And so we comes to feel the next 50 years.  Fuck you!"; is the statement printed in the booklet.

This CD is a Norwegian Compilation CD released late in 2004, but was planned much earlier. And this release contains only underground punk/HC bands throughout this country. From the city of Bergen comes the bands; Freak Oi!Accident, Tarmer, Beinkjør, Bitches & Bastards and Kongens Kennel. From the city of Stavanger; Bastinado and Ordrnekt. From the city of Trondheim; Brutal Kuk and Compress. And the rest of the bands comes from the Eastern parts.

This CD contains 13 Punk/HCbands with all together 34 great songs. Each band participate with two or three songs from their latest demos. The lyrics done


with lots of laughs, and encircles sound of punk or HC, partly done in oi-style, funny punk or HC-style. All lyrics  included (in Norwegian) in 16 page booklet with pictures, info, adresses, web and other stuff.

Korrupte Oppkastere

A review in internet magazine, Panorama (2004) stated:"S.O.T. is a relatively unsolemn label, has some absurd releases in conscience. Bands  collected among strange underground punk bands, and Fanden Ta Deg is a collection of different qualitied demotapes.

Here you will find oipunk and HC with great names as Kongelige Ræver (Royal Assholes), Korrupte Oppkastere (Corrupted Vomiters), Tarmer (Guts) and Brutal Kuk (Brutal Cock): Among the 34 songs presented there are mostly rubbish, but in between som musical perls as Kongens Kennel's AFA Surfevise, Kongelig Ræver (Royal Assholes), Korrupte Oppkastere (Corrupted Vomiters), 

continues  under the pic.

Bands/Tracks on CD:

Freak Oi!Accident - What punk rock's all about?

Bastinado - Mullah Krekar punk explotion

Kongelige Ræver - Spillets brikker

Korrupte Oppkastere – 77 punx

Morte Cerebrale – Anti-rasist

Tarmer – Hater alt

Brutal Kuk – Samme gamle

Ordrenekt – Guddommelig incest

Compress – Bastards

Freedumb – Mitt liv er basert på en sann historie

Bithces & Bastards – PK politi

Beinkjør – Død linje

Kongens Kennel – Afa surfevise

Bastinado – Jævla nice

Freak Oi!Accident – Fuck the press

Beinkjør – Tollevise

Kongelige Ræver – Tiden

Morte Cerebrale – Terrorist

Korrupte Oppkastere – Kjønnsykdommer

Tarmer – Ja, ja, nei, nei

Compress – Rebel

Brutal Kuk – Skjærp dæ, tryne

Ordrenekt – Slakt

Kongens Kennel – Ivan den grusomme

Bithces & Bastards – Sounds on the street

Freak Oi!Accident – It’s fine by me

Freedumb – I wanna be a ramone

Beinkjør – Materiell gutt

Tarmer – The zong

Korrupte Oppkastere – Maltraktering er gøy!

Morte Cerebrale – Kunstig verden

Brutal Kuk - Kardemommeby

Freedumb – Freedumb fighter

Ordrenekt – Smertens anatomi

Mp3 to download are marked.


Morte Cerebrale

Tarmer (Guts) and Brutal Kuk (Brutal Cock): Among the 34 songs presented there are  mostly rubbish, but in between som musical perls as Kongens Kennel's AFA Surfevise, Kongelige Ræver's Tiden,  and Freak Oi!Accident's It's Fine By Me.

This reviewer  accidentally happened to attend a Freak Oi!Accident-gig some years ago, and I had to admit it was a rather amusement. Some of the bands don't take it very seriously, and have a great time both live and in  studio. In the end this is all about it, even that the songs don't hold water."

(Pål M. Dimmen)

Freak Oi!Accident

Available for 10 Euro/100 NOK+P.P.