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Null Problem (No Problem)

S.O.T.-02 - Northern Norwegian '80s Punk/New Wave/ Experimental Rock CD (2000)

Snack Ohm Tapes did decide to release a new edition of the northern norwegian compilation-tape "Null Problem" from 1982 - in 2000, renowned as a classic among enthusiasts of norwegian punkrock.

From left; Laila Mellum (vocal in Motstandbevægelsen), and Jan Martin  Jensen (author in the fanzine, Gakk)

This new edition CD contains more than 30 great songs from 16 bands ; from different parts of northern Norway.  There are also included a couple of bonus-tracks that did not appear in the 82-release.

The musical variety in this CD is enormous; everything from illustrious pop-tunes, experimental rock, new wave, and punk  are represented here.

Mitti Skritti in '82. From left; Merete Nilsen guitar, Trine Bakken vocal, Monica Nilsen bass, and "Dyret" drums.

Bands/Tracks on CD:

Rognan Handballag - Rognan Handballag

Rognan Handballag - Svartedauen

Rognan Handballag - To jenter

Rognan Handballag - Knivdrap

Hæmma Vækst - Produktivitet

Hæmma Vækst - Her kommer Jesus

Hæmma Vækst - Lisa gikk til skolen

Peder pung & de kåte - Døden er som roser

Total Undergang - Menneske

Total Undergang - Nækt

Total Undergang - Sug

Mitti Skritti - De sinnsyke

Mitti Skritti - Den kalde virkelighet

Motstandsbevægelsen - Syklubben

Jeg Falt - Begins frokost

Jeg Falt - Puppet on a string

Krim U - Tinnsoldat

Krim U - Dømt

Sekunda Mannsværk - Apati

Sekunda Mannsværk - Skigardsvise

Sekunda Mannsværk - Heartbreak Hotel

Termisk Sammenbrudd - Angst

Schlumsøstrene - A veit du e gal

Schlumsøstrene - Et sted å være

Schlumsøstrene - Glade jul

Hjertesvikt A/S - Ungdom og opprør

Hjertesvikt A/S - Edru livsstil


Svartedauen - Bærre på jævel

Slakt - Et lykkelig liv

Skjit-Lars - Gro Harlem Brundtland

Skjit-Lars - Du e en dritt

Skjit-Lars - Panikk i ambulansen

Nacent Liw - Frihet

Nacent Liw - Europa brenn

Mp3 to download are marked.

Hjertesvikt A/S in the early '80. left; Alf Brattøy bass, Bjørn Jervås guitar, and Finn Aurdal vocal.

The CD also includes a written documentation (by Tore Stemland) of the long lasting conflict between the northern-based rock-scene and the capital music-media;

The underground rock music above the arctic circle.

This article concentrates on the northern artists claims of being ignored by the southern media. This article is available at this site.

Rognan Handballag in '82.

Hjertesvikt A/S.

Available for 10 Euro/100 NOK+P.P.