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Paranoia Panorama - Til Minde om de mænd...

S.O.T-01 - Til minde om de mænd... (In memory of those men...)


10 Inch orange vinyl (1998)

Paranoia Panorama continues their political crusade against the Norwegian state. The full title says  "In memory of the men, which spirit saved our country when it`s destruction seemed near". The portrait on the front cover hangs in the Norwegian national assembly and is called “The Eidsvoll-men  from 1814”. It shows the men responsible for the Norwegian constitution (in the year of 1814), apart from the fact that the band has put their own faces on the great painting instead.

The record contains 10 songs and is a kind of “best of” - recorded between 1990 and 1996. The first song the band ever made in studio is the first one on the record (Årstider), and a poem of the great norwegian  author Bjørneboe was used in the song, Dødssangen (The death song). And the B-side contains songs from their last demo in 1996. They are all a mixture of in eighties-style Punk and from the latter part of the period the band existed; conventional HC. The song Illusjon is a remix from their 7” material, and the song was a sort of hit back in Haugesund in 1993 when playing live.

The back side contains info about recording dates and demos recorded, and lyrics inside the cover (in norwegian.)

The 10" orange colour vinyl were printed in numbered copies in a total amount of 300 in 1998.

Trackslist on the 10 Inch:



Gud signe folket!


Sult og grønne skoger

Illusjon (remix)

Det misantropiske manifest!

På middelmåtighetens gylne middelvei

Memento mori!


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Dødssangen (The Death Song) 

When the day has comed, and the hours too,

and you have been placed up against the wall to bleed.

And the people who loved you,

have already left you.

Then you will see,

you'll die in solitude.

And the day will come, and the hours too,

and the sand you're standing on; will turn bloody red.

And when they'll catch you,

then remember what I told you,

Brother, it's very strange dying in solitude.

 (Jens Bjørneboe)

Available for 9 Euro/85 NOK +P.P.