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Paranoia Panorama - I begynnelsen var staten...

S.O.T.-005 -

I begynnelsen var staten...(In the beginning the state was...).

7" VINYL EP contains 7 Punk songs  (1992).

This 7" EP is political anthem opposing the national state, and is fully titled "In the beginning the State was, has always been and will forever  be."

The front cover illustrates a lion (the Norwegian state symbol) with an  axe killing the first man, Adam, before he eats of the apple knowledge lyiing down   on the ground,  dead. 

The lyrics are very much political, and the EP contains a  lyrics sheet in both Norwegian and English.

The EP contains 7 very good tunes, but is somewhat poorly mixed. The first song, Sol, is a popish song, but ends up in punk-fashion. The same applies to H.K.L. The rest of the songs are made in a purly punk and HC fashion.

A review in ROCK FURORE (#3/92) said this: ”This is the first vinyl from Snack Ohm Tapes since the punk collection “Tsjernobilly Boogie” in 86, released in cooperation with Humbug Tapes from the town of Voss. The clock seems to have stood still since then. Or perhaps the new generations have much to say

about militarism, nationalism, media-lies, hunger and alienation?....... Not a great musical experience, and the mixing isn’t to good either. Although; NOK 30 for seven songs, a colourful child-like front cover and a lyrics sheet enclosed is not  that expensive.”

(J R Bruun)

A story referring to the title is also included on the back of the 7 ";  and old man  just want to keep up running his  life in his own terms, and  do his way of life, when make philosofic remarks  about life  and perticular his own life.

"The eyes have seen a lot comprehensible  and uncomprehensible:"mans need for submission and mans lack of singleness and  purpose. Life starts at birth,  ends with death, and  in between the great nothing.  The emptiness is strenghtened  by the eternal,  true and godly state, so that mans blind  loyality   to freedomrestricted control-mecanism comes  forth in  its full paradox when mans scream for freedom.

He noticed he sat thinking when the doorbell rang, and one of his specially interested customer came in. "Well, well" was his last thought before going out to serve  his customer: "In the beginning the state was,  has always been, and will contine to be for  eternity." Amen !"

Trackslist on the 7"  EP:



Null Grader Celsius

Plastikk panikk

Fanatikernes nest siste



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