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Rattus Norvegicus

S.O.T.-008 - Norwegian Compilation Punk LP (1995)

"Return to the 14th century, and be reminded of the equality in appearance and behavior between the little and sweet, brown rats; Rattus Norvegicus, and the leaders of the world . Not to be mistaken.  Rattus Norvegicus; The politician, is the figure to give one self to. Not only in his predilection for wealth, but also to protect the inviroment. That is why this record is dedicated to all the politician in  the world, in their democratic and unselfish struggle as leaders, guides, protectors and wiseman!"

The front cover has a painted picture showing the Norwegian parlament house in bared wire like a prison. And the people are dancing outside. With a saying in latin printed around; the  leaders don’t forget a joke so soon. This was a more anarchitic view than earlier. And the self ironic and latin title, Rattus Norvegicus, the Norwegian brown rat. Some said the title was used on a StranglesLP and we did steal it.

There was several rumors before this record was released in 1995, and the expetations were high because we did the ”Tsjernobilly Boogie”-release, and the critcs wasn’t convinced that "Rattus Norwegiau" was a good release when it was done. But today the release of “Rattus Norvegicus” is seen different as a musical documentary, and in the historic light it shows what the bands did in 1995. The level of the sound varied from each bands, and all the band sounded different. So it’s naturally that the release was like that.

The release is musical varied, and contains both Punk/HC/HC-metal, funna and fast rock'n'roll very punkish. The release  contains 12 bands, and 22 songs. I want to mention Svartidauðir, Sannhetsministeriet, Dead  Gerhardsens (Oslo) and Mi (Skien) play HC. And Judas Vitner, Paranoia Panorama (both from Haugesund) and Tarmer (Bergen) play punk style. And Rechtum Immortalis (Mo I Rana) plays something HC, but influenced by metal. The  northern-Norwegian from Hamarøy, Ariske Maur plays fast and funny punk, and has earlier released several cassettes.

A review in PULS (#16/95) said this:”A Norwegian punk-and HCcollection only on vinyl, even red colour. This smells early eighties stuff. But this release represent the absolute underground of Norwegian punk:Mi, Ariske Maur, Judas Vitner, Tarmer, Rechtum Immortalis, Paranoia Panorama, Skam, Twigs, Detached, Sannhetsminsteriet, Svartidaudir and Dead Gerhardsens. The four last

mentioned comes best from this, with lots of humour and some playing managed, also songs. Other wise is a lot of this and that. The sound is sometimes very poor, but lots of energy and low price almost make it up for this. Maybe you shouldn’t invest in this record, if you’re looking for the new album of Green Day. Some what kindeness,and adding because of charm and d.i.y.-attitude, it’s not  the stupidest spent of fifty Norwegian kroner”. (K H Troldsaas)

This record was released in cooperation with the bands, and was made in 1000 copies and  both red and black vinyl, and has a  15 pages booklet included in both norwegian english containing  lyrics, adresses (not working today), pics and other ironic artwork made by each band.

I found 75 copies in black vinyl only; in my the cellar of my last stay in Haguesund recently. 75 copies of the Rattus Norwegicus LP with booklet and nicely kept. Lucky me ;-).

Available for 11 Euro/110 NOK+P.P.

Bands/tracks on the LP:

Svartidauðir - Folk i form

Mi - Papir og metall

Mi - Alt for fort

Ariske Maur - Hun hater karate

Ariske Maur - Kvinne og bil-sangen

Judas Vitner - H å k o n

Judas Vitner - Oh, du min solstråle

Sannhetsministeriet - T.R.E.V.I.

Sannhetsministeriet - Burzemannen

Sannhetsministeriet - Ikke vårt flagg

Detached - Killed for fashion

Detached - Down in the underground

Dead Gerhardsens - 50-tallet

Dead Gerhardsens - Slaget på Galgeberg

Tarmer - Pizza med flein

Tarmer - Sieg heil ittland

Rechtum Immortalis - Faen

Paranoia Panorama - Sult og grønne skoger

Paranoia Panorama - Siste rest av menneskelighet

Skam - Fight McDonalds

Twigs - Confused

Twigs - Living in disgraceland

Mp3 to download are marked.

The back side of the booklet, the front side has the same pic as the front of the LP. I made the painting, useing several different graphical methods. I will no try to explain the meaning behind the painting. I see now, It has  to much  of a meaning.