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Tracklist on LP:

United Nations


Tumbling Down

I Deny It

Hide And Seek

This Time Around


The Revival

Burned All The Bridges

New Sensation

I Wont Slow Down

East Bay Punk

Lets Go Down

And the great review continues:"The album is well written, relatable, flows well and manages to keep the momentum going throughout. Whereas a lot of albums will have a strong opening track but falter by the third in an attempt to keep the momentum and dynamics for the latter half, Blisterhead have taken an all killer, no filler approach.  In an industry moving so quickly it’s a somewhat brave (if intentional) move to make, as everyone just wants the hit single/ breakthrough, but the 13 songs deliver throughout, with two of my personal favourites in “East Bay Punk“ (no guesses what this talks about) and “Let’s Go Down“ sure live staples to close the album.

Overall a very strong album, let’s hope we don’t have to wait as long for the follow up."

Blisterhead - Tumbling Down LP

S.O.T.-06 - Swedish punkrock band (2015).

This record is released both by Snack Ohm Tapes, Punkebjartes Punkeplater, and the band. This 1st pressing on vinyl are 300 copies and are nearly sold out (november), since the record were released in september. And the record   contains a download card, so you can download the record to you computer in both flac, wav, mp3 (320), and other formats.

This is the forth record Blisterhead are releasing since 2007 after 4 years of temporary stop. So this release is a comeback.

Blisterhead  sounds a bit like Bad Religion, NOFX  or other US HC, or a bit more like Rancid. This record  is a great, complete record  with catchy, energic   tunes and good lyrics from the start to the end.  I like mostly the songs; United nations, Tumbling down,   Hide seek, and New sensation.

Blisterhead, in the year 2015.

A review in internet magazine, Louderthanwar (, (2015) stated:"Swedish punk rockers Blisterhead make a welcome return with their fourth studio album after an eight year break with “Tumbling Down”, following “Under City Lights” released in February 2007.

There are a few strong contenders for the opening track but the decision to open with “United Nation” is a good one. Essentially this song could sum up the album – strong melodies, singalong choruses, vocal harmonies that Bad Religion would be proud of and well-structured, well-written punk rock songs."

Blisterhead, live Victoria Pub, Bergen, Norway 30. october 2015.

The punkbands; Blisterhead and Greenland Whalefishers live, 31st. october 2015 in the Victoria Pub in Bergen, Norway.  The gig was great with lots of energy  and   performance enjoyment from both bands.  Greenland Whalefishers started first and played irish punk music and maybe some song from their latest album (   And later on Blisterhad played fast US HC, mainly from the newest album. This  was the second time these band played together in Bergen.  Very nice and energic gig. I hope to see the bands  again. 

Available for 10 Euro/100 NOK+P.P.