Releases available on CD or vinyl from 1992 - 2018.

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The front cover is done by the artist and the vocal singer of KRIM U; Vidar Aam.

Krim U : 1981 - 1983): 

S.O.T.-05/SSP-002 - Northern Norwegian Postpunk/New Wave  band (2015).

Krim U is a  well known north-norwegian postpunkband from Narvik city. They were very active in 1981 and 1982, playing live and had many harcore fans in Bodø, Harstad and Narvik. And still has a lot of fans, all over Norway.

The bands name; KRIM U is a a shortened form of the words; KRIMinell Ungdom, meaning "criminal youth". The music can be described as a melodic and sensitive but poetic rock in their own style. The lyrics are at their best just wonderful:"What ever happened, forever will happen again. Here's no mercy or compassion." - from the song; Evighet (Eternity). The love of life, the urban as such, or another person are often expressed in  the lyrics. The lyrics are very often written by Vidar Aam.

Krim U started up by 4 members, but gradually over the years shortened. The only person that is left from the original crew is  Vidar Aam on vocal and multiple instruments. He wrote many of the songs on the disc. And he continues to play and act today in a band with other people. And he is a well known artist today as well.


Tracks on the records:


Tinnsoldat (5.10)

Dømt (3.19)

Den sovende pike (3.55)

Høst (2.30)



I byen (3.32)

Overdose (3.21)

Tilbake (3.40)

3 lys (4.25)



Fabrikk (2.54)

Lille bror (3.14)

Nærmere (2.19)

Svart natt (3.26)

Hævn (3.03)



Konflikt (2.25)

Evighet (4.10)

Hellig natt (2.09)

Massegrav (2.16)

Erik e fra Berlin (1.57)

Gestapo (1.13)


Vidar Aam on Træstokkfestivalen on Skjærvøy 3rd july 1982.                Photo: Jan W. Jensen

Available for 21 Euro/200 NOK+P.P.

Krim U from left; Tønnes Ingebrightsen, Lena Frelin, Vidar Aam, and Johnny Larssen.

This record will contain 19  great songs, from different studio and live recordings in their active periode from 1981 - 1983.

This release will be released by two d.i.y.  punk labels: SSP from the city of  Vadsø, Norway, and Snack Ohm Tapes.

This release will  be made in 1000 copies. The first 12" record in white opac  vinyl, and  the second 12" vinyl in gray opac. And this release  will include a download card, containg  all the songs in flac-format. And lyrics, pics and line up story  by punk friend; Tore Stemland.

Tinnsoldat (Tin Soldier)

Steadfast tin soldier

Standing on earth is always ready

Ten thousand tin soldiers

Defy bombs, smoke and grenades

Where are thoughts you had yesterday

Where is the heat you had yesterday

Ten thousand tin soldiers

Thousands of bombs, smoke and grenades

Do you remember the words you said us

Remember you the promise you gave us

we march

we liquidates

we will crush

we should use