Releases available on CD or vinyl from 1992 - 2018.

All of Snack Ohm Tapes releases; either on vinyl or CD can be found on this page and bought by sending me an e-mail. And also included some mp3 that can be downloaded on releases in these pages. But earlier releases on KZ; later on CD-R can be downloaded freely for music and punk rock lovers with no limitation world wide.

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Mørkt Kapittel :“Usnuelig Ferd"-LP): 

S.O.T.-07 - A Crust Punk band from Trondheim (2017).

Mørkt Kapittel from Trondheim, Norway started out as a pure d-beat band in 2007, but has since grown to incorporate influences from other genres like black metal and folk into their music. They have released several EPs and 7” since then, and shared the stage with genre legends such as Tragedy (US), Victims (SE), Guided Cradle (CZ), and Totalt Jävla Mörker (SE), among others.

The band describes itself as,  and the record as a;   “30 minutes of intense, melodic, and atmospheric crust punk. The album can be summarized as d-beat at breakneck speeds, vocals screamed in their native tongue, a wall of downtuned guitars, blastbeats, noise, samples, acoustic interludes and even some ambient soundscapes between songs."

This record   was recorded in Nordstern Studio in the winter of 2015/2016. Released February 2017 through 7 Norwegian and Danish DIY labels. 

Tracks on the records:

I ring rundt lyset

Å snu sæ vekk

Te bunns


Alt som har reist sæ

Blindt regn


Taushetens verdighet

This record contains 8  Crust Punk songs. My musical favorites from the record;  Å snu sæ vekk, Te bunns, and Taushetens verdighet.

This release is  made in 500 copies, in black vinyl, including a lyric sheet in Norwegian.  It can also be located  in some streaming services, including their other releases as well.

Available for 14 Euro/130 NOK+P.P.