Releases available on CD or vinyl from 1992 - 2018.

All of Snack Ohm Tapes releases; either on vinyl or CD can be found on this page and bought by sending me an e-mail. And also included some mp3 that can be downloaded on releases in these pages. But earlier releases on KZ; later on CD-R can be downloaded freely for music and punk rock lovers with no limitation world wide.

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PKP - Pkp 12"

S.O.T.-04 - Norwegian Anarchopunk w/ political correctness. (2007)

Band did release the 12" with 4 other punk labels, and Snack Ohm Tapes too.

"The 12" is self-titled (so to speak) and contains 10 original tracks + a cover of Svart Framtid's "Religiøs Terror" on a red, see-through twelve inch big piece of vinyl. The cover is printed on recyclable paper." (

Comes with booklet full of info and lyrics.



Alt Til Alle




Ikke Ett Minutt I Stillhet

Politisk Korrekt

Religiøs Terror (Written-By – Svart Framtid)

Barn Av Vår Tid


Aldri Aksepter

Can be listened to in its entirety:

Available for 11 Euro/110 NOK+P.P.

PKP started fall 2005 with different people. After 6 months we got a steady line-up. Rehearsed for a year, recorded demo in Feb, tour May, more recording summer, European tour Sept, bass player leaves, waited for 12"/booklet for months, rehearsed new people, mini-tour with Subhumans 2009 + all over the place in Sweden, drummer, guitarist and new lead-singer leaves fall 2009, rehearsing new people soon and possibly releasing a 7". The 12" is still out and has now been observed in a second-hand store in Seattle!