The fanzine; Anza was stationed in Bergen city, and maybe released 4 different editions from 1981 to 1982. Anza started by Anne Grete Kolås,    and more people contributed. The zine; Anza were mostly oriented in local punk music. Anne Grete was involved  in several bands  in  the 80's.

Anza 1-1981: 20 pages A4 photcopy. Contains gig reports; Wannskrækk,  Liliedugg and Øresus, Interviews local bands;   Gjennomslag and Feet Masse, record  reviews;  Crass: Penis envy,  De Press, Geometri,  politics; freedom?,  latest fashions, and more.

Anza 2-1982: 20 pages A4 photocopy. Contains    Info; Flux of Pink Indians, Attritions and Betrayed,   US and UK fanzines,  Gig reports; Cut, Veslefrikk, Reggae and fighting in the street, Anarchy? and more.

Anza 3-82: 24 pages A4 photocopy. Contains fanzines, pirate radio,  cassettes (tapes), squatters,  the band; Datakluss from Haugesund, and more.

Anza 4-82/Svada1-82: 28 pages photocopy. Contains Annie Anxiety, The Aller Værste, Alle Tiders Duster, Coca cola, A.S.O.-nytt, and lots of svada.