The fanzine; Sjokk was stationed in Bergen city, and released 6 different editions from 1981 to 1984. Sjokk started with 2 regular persons, but later on Knut Klausen did all nearly all the fanzine. But he did got some help from, Tomas Bruvik;taking pics and gig reports and so on. Sjokk did promote local music in the first to issues, but later turned to english and american punk. And became exotic by scene reports from Japan, Nederland, Brasil and Finland.

Sjokk 1-1981: 20 pages A4 photcopy. Contains reports from gigs, records and other fanzines in Norway, Punk on TV. Lots of satiric info. English punkbands like The Clash, The Specials and Ian Dury. And Norwegian punkbands like Kjøtt, TAV, and Lik. Some local stuff.

Sjokk 2-1982: 20 pages A4 photocopy. Contains squatters in Bergen city, The forthcoming record release "Ingenting for Norge"; with bands like Fader War, Norske Budeier, Terror and Alarm, letters from readers, films, books about fanzines, crisis in Uk Subs, poems, gig reports on Wannskrækk and Liliedugg (from Trondheim city), and fanzines     and more.


Sjokk 3-1982: 20 pages A4 photocopy. Contains squatters report from Bergen "The house is ours!", reports from gigs, records and fanzines, music info and interview with Norwegian punkbands like TAV, Liliedugg and A.T.D., pirate radio info, poems , and  more.

Sjokk 4-1982: 22 pages A4 photcopy. Contains Interview wtih Norwegian punkbands like TAV, and Mat. More info about pirate radio and lots of Norwegian punk stuff.

This issue did come with two different front covers; The black frame turned white and the Sjokk-logo turned black.

Sjokk 5-1983: 20 pages A4 photocopy. Contains interviews with the  punkband The Partisans and the Norwegian punkband Brød & Sirkus, Reports on two small labels; Uncle Remus Records and Den Onde Sirkel and their releases, the historic tape release Null Problem, records and more.

Sjokk 6-1984: 20 pages A4 photocopy. Contains Punk reports from Japan, Holland, Yugoslavia, Brasil, and Finland, records and tapes release and more.