Gnarak, the fanzine are from Bergen city, and done by Ote Kippersund. She also played in Norske Budeier, and involved with Luppeklubben. And later was involved in Export Record in mid 80s'.

Gnarak 1-1981: 20 pages A4 photocopy. Contains gig reports; Fader War, The Aller Værste, Norske Budeier, Children and Freedom, Interview with Battie, records, and lots of local stuff,

Gnarak 2-1981: 20 pages A4 photocopy. Contains Horten festival 1981, Luppeklubben, Theatre of Hate, gig reports; Kjøtt and Gjennomslag, The Cut, The Aller Værste, gigs in London, Souxsie and the Banshees, Chelsea, Cron Gen, info the disband of The Aller Værste, records,