Knæsk is a fanzine from Bergen City and writhened by Battie Johannessen, and some friends of her. Battie did also contributed in several other projects; Luppeklubben in Bergen city and the record release "Ingenting for Norge" and bands; Norske Budeier and her bands of today.

Knæsk 3-1980 (?): 38 pages (missing two pages here) A4 photocopy. Contains english punkbands like; Souxsie and the Banshees, The Ruts, The Wall, Local stuff like Gig reports; Krampe and Overdose. Interview with Mat, records, letters,

Knæsk 4-1981: 22  pages A4 photocopy. Contains Gig reports; De Press, and "Juleråkk", and Overdose and The Aller Værste, Info and interview with Nor, punkbands like; Norske Budeier, Alle Tiders Duster, Luppeklubben,